6 Easy Ways to Create a Backyard Paradise This Summer



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With less than two weeks to go, the countdown to summer is on! After months spent indoors, it’s time to break out your patio furniture and spruce things up a bit before your first al fresco dinner of the season. We know you have a lot going on (and don’t want to spend a fortune!) so we asked a few of our favorite designers at Laurel & Wolf to provide some quick and budget-friendly tips to update your outdoor space.

Light It Up

“Lighting can set the mood and provide a greater sense of intimacy for larger spaces,” said Andrea Slodowicz, an interior designer based in Miami. “Look for umbrellas with built-in string lights for an easy and quick upgrade, or hang extra-large solar paper lanterns above a conversation area for a fun and simple focal point.”

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Plant Life

Update your plant collection with pedestals and garden stools to create different heights. “Start with tall plants then use the pedestal and garden stool for mid-size plants and, last but not least, place plants that ‘spill’ over the edge of the pot on the floor,” said interior designer Luisa Lashman, who also works out of Miami.

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In the area where you entertain, make it welcoming by layering in different textures. “A light blanket and pillows add softness while brass lanterns and mirrored trays deliver on that extra oomph,” Andrea added.

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Drink Up

“One thing I have been recommending to clients who like to grill and entertain outside, is to include an outdoor bar cart,” said Rebekah Correll, an interior designer who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. “It is the perfect way to prep your food for the grill or transport food and beverages out to your guests!”

Go Vertical 

Don’t forget your walls! “Add a vertical herb garden for a touch of greenery,” said Andrea. “If your outdoor area is small, you can use the walls to hang foldable tables and chairs for additional storage space, too.”

Rebekah also suggests incorporating some outdoor artwork on an otherwise unused side of the home. “There are a lot of manufacturers who sell this and people don’t think to hang art outside,” she added.

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Wow Factor

“Bring in a fireplace to roast marshmallows and have people gather around all year long,” Andrea suggested. More ideas: a wicker hanging chair, bocce court, oversized lighting and shuffleboard.

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