Clean tech improvements for the Home


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Clean technology basically means a process, product or service that will reduce the impact on the environment by being more energy efficient. So you've got things like wind power, solar power, biofuels, recycling, electric motors etc.

Investments in clean technology have came a long way since the 2000s. Heres some of the new startups that have created some interesting clean tech technology for the home.

Insulating robots

A London based startup have invented a robot that squeezes under floorboards to spray insulation in places that people can't reach. Installing floor insulation can be quite disruptive and take some time but because of this remote controlled little robot you can get the whole home done in a day. In the UK houses lose almost one quarter of their heat through the floor and this little guy fixes that. Its the perfect thing for an older building. Lots of buildings were built many years ago and haven't been properly insulated.

The Egg

A new startup set to improve our houses is Adaptavate. The founders of Adaptavate wanted to develop a plasterboard replacement that could be made from agricultural waste. So unlike plasterboard its not hazardous and the board "Breathaboard" is compostable. It prevents condensation and mould in the house too.

A good egg

People can save energy if they know how much they are using and this Clean tech product helps do just that. The GreenEgg Smart Home Hub will show you how much energy you are consuming on the TV screen and make it easy for people to see.

GreenEgg Smart Home Hub

The GreenEgg Smart Home Hub has a traffic light system that will show red if you're consuming a LOT of energy. People who are struggling to figure out what there energy use will find this startups product perfect for their house.

The problem with Cleantech is you can run into a whole new world of problems like glare from solar panels and it could lead you into some problems. Companies like Goodwin Law are there to keep you in the right!