D.I.Y can be daunting. Doing things, yourself though can work out much cheaper and you will have your home looking exactly how you want it. D.I.Y is possible for everyone whether you are skilled or not you just need to try. Don’t get us wrong if it is a massive job and you don’t feel like you can do it get in the professionals we do not want you ruining your home. But if its little jobs needing done and you have decided to give it a go then we want to make your life easier when you are attempting D.I.Y so we have come up with some tips just for you to make the thought of decorating, making or fixing something yourself less stressful.

1. If you are laying new floors and painting, do your painting beforehand that way if you spill or splash paint it is on the old flooring and not your nice new one.

2. If you are waiting for your first coat of paint to dry wrap your brushes and rollers in cling film, this will stop them drying out and save you from having to wash them more than once.

3. Do you hate the smell of paint? If you do then add a little bit of vanilla extract to your paint tin and this will take away the smell of the paint.

4. If your messy when painting and tend to drip when lifting your paint brush out the can the putting a paper plate under the paint can will stop the drips from ending up anywhere that they shouldn’t.

5. To ensure, when hanging up new shelves etc., that the screws don’t come undone then add a drop of clear nail varnish in to the hole just before you finish tightening the screw which will act like glue and keep the screw in place.

6. Are your radiators looking tired? Or are you just looking to change them from white to a bright and bold colour? Well there is now heat proof paint available in a wide range of colours to brighten any room.

7. If you have un polished wooden furniture and it has dents in it then we have found a way to remove these dents. All you need to do it add a little water, lay some brown paper on top of it, iron over it and then the dent will fix itself.

8. Adding methylated spirit to your open paint will ensure that it stays wet and will be able to be used again. We suggest that you do not stir it until you are next using it though.

9. Covered in pain after freshening up your home? The best thing to take paint off your skin is to rub baby oil on it and you will find that it slides off.

10. If you have recently purchased a new rug and it is on wooden flooring you might find that you step on it and it slides everywhere. Well double-sided tape is just what you need as it also works great as a rug gripper.

11. If you are needing to cut up fabric for what you are making then we recommend that you dip your scissors in boiling water before trying to cut it as this will make sure that the scissors slide easily through the material.

12. If you are looking to make a stencil on your walls then masking tape is perfect. It won’t leave any marks and it sticks to anything.

13. If you are looking to stain your wooden flooring then using a regular broom dipped in the stain will make the job ten times easier.

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